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Jon Gomm est un artiste auteur-compositeur-interprète avec une incroyable virtuosité. Armé de sa seule guitare, il créé lignes de basse, mélodies et percussions tout en trouvant le moyen de chanter... Son univers est métissé : du blues, jazz au rock et pop avec un souffle SOUL. A ne pas manquer

Plus d'infos

“Sheer bloody genius… sublime, impassioned songwriting” - Sandman Magazine

“We have seen the future of acoustic guitar playing, and it is called Jon Gomm” - Blues Matters

“One of the world's most successful, gifted and inspirational guitar players” - Acoustic Magazine

"Once you get over the jaw dropping manoeuvres and technique, you will be rewarded with some spectacularly beautiful songs." - Blues & Soul magazine

"Pushes the guitar's envelope, fitting small moments of genius into each and every song." - The Glasgow Herald

“This guy has it all - great heartfelt vocals, inspired and original songs, and guitar playing as good as you will ever hear. The new Hendrix.” -

"A one-man symphony, fusing so many different strands of music together and straddling the gulf between blues and drum’n’bass, western rock’n’roll and Asian influences to create something unique and captivating."- Isle Of Man Today